Random art and photography in May

I’ve been having alot of fun using my Olympus Stylus 14 mp digital camera for my everyday shots. Although I don’t do professional photography for a living anymore, I do enjoy taking photos whenever I can – at events, parties, showers, my garden – just everyday things in life. In fact, I would call myself an “everyday” photographer. My friends call me a shutterbug! One of the things I love to do with some of my photos is to transform them into “art” pieces by either editing them in Picasa or Photobucket. My art background comes in handy for these projects.

It’s amazing what you can do with these two programs. Although I don’t use Photoshop ( I would love to though), these programs do enough for me for what I want to achieve. Another program I use, Adobe Illustrator, also has some need editing tools for photos. Here are some photos I took in May of 2012 of random things in my garden and of my grandchildren.Most of them have been edited in some way, either through cropping or adding effects here and there.

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